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So, your thinking to yourself one skip isn't enough for you because you're a busy person. Well then, take two minutes out of your schedule to pimp this community and you'll be rewarded with another skip. You can only earn one more skip, no matter how many times you pimp the community (though certainly feel free to pimp more than once, the more you pimp the faster we get started). The reason for this is we're new, and if everyone had like, five skips then it'd totally mess up the sequence of things. I took some time out of my schedule to make a shiny banner to post if you want to be all glamorous, however, a simple link pimpage is good too. Just reply to this post here with the links. Mkays? Got it? Good. Love ya.

1. kairisume *
2. saffron_sunset *
3. zatieri *
4. phoenix39 **
5. bwhahahabeck *
6. immortalje **
7. unellentitled **
8. eryslash **
9. funsized *
10. lillianporter *
11. chibi_saru11 **
12. sarkywoman **
13. just_discover *
14. foolsparadise90 **

* = amount of skips
Tags: !roundone: skips
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